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A Metropolis still rooted in its tradition.

Although now crossed by main roads and highways, Jakarta is a historic mix of cultures- Javanese, Indian, Arab, Dutch- that have had a major influence on its culture, cuisine and architecture. Hence it is no secret why people from diverse backgrounds call Jakarta their home. The hotel, located in central Jakarta, a prime location makes it perfect for business or exploration.

National Monument of Indonesia. Standing tall at 132 meter in the centre of Merdeka square...
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Wayang Museum
Dedicated to Javan Wayang puppetry located in kota tua a distance of 6.2km from the...
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Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
Also known as Ancol Dreamland located along Jakarta waterfront in Ancol,12.3 km from the h...
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Sarinah Mall
Called the Indonesian Emporium,this 15 floors departmental store,located in Menteng is jus...
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National Museum
Located in Central Jakarta on the right side of Merdeka Square, only 3.4 km from...
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Grand Indonesia Mall
Centrally located, Merlynn Park Hotel is is close proximity to the best malls in Jakarta,...
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Taman Mini
Literally translated to"Beautiful Indonesian Miniature Park" is a cultural-based tradition...
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